RA Architecture & Art

RA Architecture & Art
Dokter van Praagstraat 4
2245 VV Wassenaar
The Netherlands (NL)

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  • AH House

    AH House

    Private house, designed & build by raaa.nl.
    Land area: 10m x 15m

  • lazo 2

    LAZO MAll

    Design for a Shopping Mall in Sulaymaniyah
    Approx. 40.000 M² on a land of 10.000 M²

  • v1206_Bedrijfshal_exterieur

    Hall + Office

    German Schwing
    for heavy truck and concrete mixers

  • v1204_kantoor_interieur-B-home


    Interior Design for the Investment Board building.

  • Roverdi 1406x478 px

    Roverdi Office + Hall [built]

    During my work periode for Habeon Architecten. 1000 M² approximat. The Netherlands/ Rotterdam.

  • Darseem huis + fence 1406 px

    Private villa [built]

    A private villa built on 382 M²

  • Commercial Suly

    Commercial building concept

    five floor commercial building on a 2000 M² plot

  • Kalar 1406 x 478

    Kalar Resourt

    In Qule Barz 250.000 M² transformed, to a lively resourt including, Hotel, playgrounds, villa, different cycling and walking routes, by NMA Architects + JvantSpijker

  • Garden City

    Garden City

    Housing project, 720 Appartments divided by 18 buildings
    on a total area of 225.000 M² which has %70 gardens

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  • AH House

    Just finished the building of the AH House. PROJECT NAME: AH House CLIENT: Private ARCHITECT: NMA | Bureau (Rebaz Ali) SIZE:...Continue reading

  • Ministry of Finance

    Design commission by the ministry of finance. The design contain four buildings which will be repeated in seven cities/...Continue reading

  • Investment Board

    Design for the Investment Board of Sulaimaniyah city, Around 12.000 M² distributed in 6 stories on a plot of 3500 M² PROJECT...Continue reading

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Highlighted project

Designing and Building a private House.

Private House, Sulaymaniyah (2014)

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