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SAKO | Titanic complex

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Project information

SAKO or Titanic Complext, on the 60 M (Malik Mahmood) ring road, al leasure center which contain a 5 star hotel (already built) and in addtion to that we design a restaurant with 350 M², VIP Motel which is around 8.000 M² and a Leasure center which is about 14.000 M² containing different activities like super markt, bowling hall, different shops and two last stories which is dedicated for (large) offices.

The main concept of the complex, which is already the foot print was dedicated, however, We tried to have pure forms with a minimalistic view of the buildings. Using the white color as the main finishing color which is also again pure and minimalistic.

- Shvan company for development

- Leasure complex

- Appr. 23.000 M²

- 2011

rebaz ali, NMA Architects

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