RA Architecture & Art

RA Architecture & Art
Dokter van Praagstraat 4
2245 VV Wassenaar
The Netherlands (NL)

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Investment Board

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Project information

the main concept of the building is to creat a transparant building with one gesture in the building that gives the total weight of the concept, nevertheless the building itself contain heavy blocks depending on the glass cladding in the ground floor. inside the building we creat a great atrium shows the transparancy inside the building and showing all of the departments. the building is well connected throuw three vertical connections and a gallery in the middle of the building.

on the top floor we have the cantine, nursery and kindergarten to prevent noisy activities with other important activities. but also in shape they are different.

- KRG (Kurdistan Region Government)

- Investment Board

- 11500 M²

- 2013 – 2016

rebaz ali, NMA Architects

Other projects

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