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AH House

Just finished the building of the AH House. PROJECT NAME: AH House CLIENT: Private ARCHITECT: NMA | Bureau (Rebaz Ali) SIZE: 280 M² FLOOR: 2 STORIES LOCATION: Sulaimaniyah CITY/ IRAQ BUILDING COST: 110.000 US $ END BUILDING: Nov. 2016 Continue reading

Ministry of Finance

Design commission by the ministry of finance. The design contain four buildings which will be repeated in seven cities/ town. The four buildings are, Income tax, Housing tax, Retirement bank and Central financial store. The size of the project varies with its landscape between 10.000 M² and 20.000 M² in the following cities/ town: Chamchamal, Halabja, Kfry, Kalar, Qaladze, Ranya and Khurmal. PROJECT... Continue reading

Investment Board

Design for the Investment Board of Sulaimaniyah city, Around 12.000 M² distributed in 6 stories on a plot of 3500 M² PROJECT NAME: General Directorate of Investment Board CLIENT: Kurdistan Region Government ( KRG ) ARCHITECT: NMA | Bureau SIZE: 12.000 M² FLOOR: 6 STORIES LOCATION: Sulaimaniyah CITY/ Qaratoxan/ IRAQ BUILDING COST: 9.500.000 US $ BEGIN BUILDING: JAN. 2013 END BUILDING: JAN. 2015 Continue reading


LAZO MAll: A private development company commission in 2012; one of the largest shopping mall in the city of Sulaimaniyah and IRAQ. PROJECT NAME: LAZO MALL CLIENT: SHVAN COMPANY FOR DEVELOPMENT ARCHITECT: NMA | Bureau SIZE: 40.000 M² FLOOR: 5 STORIES LOCATION: Sulaimaniyah CITY/ Qaratoxan/ IRAQ BUILDING COST: 25.000.000 US $ BEGIN BUILDING: JAN. 2013 END BUILDING: JAN. 2016 Continue reading


First Commision in 2012 for designing small leasure complex containing VIP Motel, Shopping and leasure centre and a Restaurant. SAKO TITANIC LEASURE COMPLEX. januari 2012 – juli 2012 OFFICE: NMA | BUREAU PROJECT NAME: SAKO TITANIC LEASURE COMPLEX CLIENT: SHVAN COMPANY FOR DEVELOPMENT OWNER: SORAN MUHAMMED AMIN SIZE: 22.000 M² FLOOR: 8 STORIES LOCATION: SULAIMANIYAH CITY/ IRAQ/ 60 METER STR. PHASE:... Continue reading

new website is online!

Welcome to our new website. This is our first news post! Stay up-to-date by following us or subscribe to our newsletter. Continue reading

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